Who We Are

Jacob Construction & Design is highly regarded for innovation and forward thinking. These values contribute significantly to our high win rate for new and repeat business which over time allows us to establish strong working relationships with various segments of the government.

By this standard, JCD’s success is rooted from several key principles that have over time become our firm’s foundation.



At Jacob Construction & Design, Inc., we provide quality construction and honest service at a great value. As a local builder, we are small enough to listen and big enough to deliver. In everything we do, quality is the standard and safety is the priority.


Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. is a business built on trust. To us, there is no alternative to good-old-fashioned quality, honesty, and hard work. We follow the rules as well as the highest moral, ethical and professional standards. At JCD, our reputation as a builder with integrity and trustworthiness at the forefront is valued more than any of our tangible assets. We acknowledge that our integrity is why our clients, vendors, and partners continue to choose Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

At JCD, our people are our competitive advantage. We believe that when committed people come together, you generate more value at every level of your operation. Our personnel follow the principle that it is not the effort of the individual, but the combined force and experience of the entire team that creates synergy. Today, our collaborative work environment allows us to remove limitations and provide our clients with sustainable solutions.

JCD’s team consists of construction experts that work closely with architects and engineers to build a high quality, cost efficient facility on schedule. JCD uses its own skilled laborers, foremen, and superintendents with conjunction of specialty subcontractors to provide complete economical solutions.

At Jacob Construction & Design, we listen and respond quickly to our clients’ needs. Simply put, we set out to earn the trust and respect of our customers. To us, the ability to foster enduring relationships with our clients is what will differentiate us from our competition. Through this customer centric approach, Jacob Construction & Design is committed to delivering exceptional service through the life of a project and beyond. To us, going that extra mile for our clients is the hallmark to building lasting partnerships and our ongoing success.

In our experience, no two projects are the same. Each project, whether it is design/build, renovation, or new construction, naturally presents unique or unforeseeable challenges. Therefore, catering to client needs most often require creative, technologically innovative, and sustainable solutions. At Jacob Construction & Design, we take an integrated construction approach to building smarter. In a collaborative environment, we utilize the collective expertise of our business partners and subcontractors to offer clients practical solutions derived from cutting-edge technologies and processes.

At Jacob Construction & Design, Inc., safety is paramount in every aspect of our daily operations. For us, safety and accident prevention are a value…not a priority. In our projects, through effective planning, training, and preventative measures, we make it a priority to send our workers home in the same condition they arrive each day. Because of our ongoing effort to expect the unexpected, JCD boasts zero incidents on all projects/operations to date.