BG383 Solar Thermal System Repair at NAS Fallon, NV

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

Contract Number: N62473-16-D-0412

Contract Value: $280,730.00

Contract Award Date: 09/30/2016

Final Completion Date: 05/03/2017

Agency: NFEC Southwest, FEAD 29 Palms (NAS Fallon, NV)

Project Goal

Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. replaced an outdated solar thermal heating system for Building 383 Swimming Pool at Naval Air Station. Fallon, NV. Description This Design-Build project required Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. to replace the existing solar thermal heating system at Building 383 Indoor Swimming Pool. The existing system was designed to circulate the pool water through the solar panels in order to heat the pool. However, due to extreme temperatures that frequented NAS Fallon, the system could not be operated in the winter months. Additionally, there were issues with leaking pipes as a result of freezing and thawing year after year. The challenge for JCD and our partnering mechanical team was to replace the existing system with a climate-appropriate, fully automated, closed loop propylene glycol system. This new array of panels and piping was designed and configured to ensure durability against freezing temperatures, uplift from extreme winds and seismic activity. Additionally, as the mechanical room did not have the necessary ventilation and high concentrations of chlorine gas build up became an issue, JCD was asked to install exhaust fans, vents, louvers and automated controls to ensure continuous rotation of air. New solar thermal heating system has proven successful and effective in producing sufficient heat for the indoor pool for the past year.

Trades Involved

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control management
  • Safety management
  • Provision of Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineering
  • Demolition and removal of existing solar thermal system and piping.
  • Installation of Unistrut support system and anchoring
  • Installation of array of solar glazed collectors
  • Installation of new drain-back storage tank, solar pump, and heat exchangers
  • Installation of pool piping and valves to route water through heat exchangers
  • Installation of all copper type L solar piping/insulation, and bracing
  • Installation of all new electrical to power equipment and controls
  • Installation of HVAC ventilation system
  • Performed coring of large penetrations for piping and HVAC
  • Majority of work performed from elevated work platform requiring adequate fall protection/anchoring
  • All installation was performed in highly congested mechanical room while ensuring all codes for clearances were satisfied