Building 465 Replace Fire Main at NAS Fallon, NV

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

Contract Number: N62473-16-D-0412

Contract Value: $138,016.00

Contract Award Date: 08/25/2016

Final Completion Date: 12/20/2016

Agency: NFEC Southwest, FEAD 29 Palms (NAS Fallon, NV)

Project Goal

Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. was required to replace the fire main to the NAWDC building at Naval Air Station Fallon, NV.


JCD was tasked with capping and abandoning the existing 8” ductile iron water main that looped around the NAWDC building and installing a new 8” C900PVC pipeline that ran parallel to the north and west perimeter fence outside the high secure NAWDC compound and tied into the line that fed water to Building 465. All existing fire hydrants were demoed out and handed over to the government for reuse elsewhere and new hydrants were installed to where specified inside the perimeter fence to ensure issuance of new warranty. At the North/East and South/East locations of the building, JCD performed hot taps to the existing 10-inch water main that ran under Strike Avenue. 8-inch hot taps gave source of water to the newly installed fire main. To ensure the longevity of the new valves, hydrants, and fittings, cathodic protection was installed throughout the installation. Prior to introducing the new lines with water, thrust blocks and restraints were formed and set where applicable. All flushing, disinfection, and testing were performed prior to releasing water for tenant use at the NAWDC center.

Project Involved

  • Constant communication with tenants/government to ensure coordination for dig/outages
  • Trenching and pipe install was performed in minus 10-degree temperature
  • As NAWDC was a high secure center, the building was surrounded with buried utilities, including a buried concrete encasement that housed a large relay of fiber optics. Water main had to be routed up and over the concrete encasement.
  • Project needed to be completed prior to start of large Mil-Con NAWDC extension project planned for the South side of Building 465