Building 77 Interior Remodel

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

Contract Number: N62473-16-D-0412

Contract Value: $188,062.00

Contract Award Date: 09/30/2016

Final Completion Date: 02/10/2017

Agency: NFEC Southwest, FEAD 29 Palms (NAS Fallon, NV)

Project Goal

JCD was tasked with transforming an aging party/event room at NAS Fallon into a modern multi-purpose conference room equipped with audio/visual capability.


JCD remodeled building 77 (Multi-Purpose Room) to allow for a more professional and audio/visual friendly environment. The existing space had severe acoustical issues that needed to be addressed. Therefore, Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. was responsible for designing and producing an upgraded conference room readily outfitted with all current audio-visual, power, and communication capabilities. The result was a ready-to-use facility with back to back conferences and government training events that took place within the newly renovated multi-purpose room starting 3 days after early completion of the project.

Trades Involved

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control Management
  • Safety Management
  • Demoed existing kitchen and main conference room floor
  • All existing drop-down lighting in Multi-Purpose room were demoed out with new wiring routed for installation of drop-down LED suspended ceiling lights
  • Replaced exterior wall pack lighting and existing HPS lighting in interior portico area with LED upgrades
  • Temporarily relocation furniture
  • All walls in the main Multi-Purpose area were prepped and painted with two (2) coats of primer and two (2) coats of paint
  • Provided and installed customized and automated/controlled light control shades for window covers that required provision of new power source
  • Installed emergency lights at all egresses
  • Installed emergency back-up ballast
  • All lighting fixtures in the main room were configured to allow controlling by existing Row Switching
  • All electrical installations were properly and independently supported for seismic
  • New drop-down ceiling grid system was designed and installed at 10 ft. height and seismically braced
  • Existing fire suppression lines were branched down with new sprinklers added below suspended ceiling.
  • Sound attenuating panels were installed on all four main room walls arranged in an architecturally manner to minimize echoing effect of sound in the Multi-Purpose room
  • Automated drop-down movie screen, 3D ceiling projector and drop-down ceiling speakers were installed for audio-visual upgrades
  • The contractor is responsible for a complete and working audio/visual system with wireless
  • A Comprehensive Audio/Visual System was rack-mounted and installed with lockable doors and the system able to connect to the floor box for computer integration, with NMCI connection capability
  • A floor mounted, 20Amp, Quad Receptacle (Double Duplex), Arnev Floor Box (Super Pocket) for both Power and Controls to operate the Audio/Visual Equipment were installed
  • The concrete floor in Multi-Purpose room was sawcut/trenched to house new audio/visual 120 volts for raceway from floor box to center of each row of tables and new floor duplex outlets
  • Floor trench was patched with concrete
  • Three 20 Amp Circuit Breakers were added to the existing 120/208v Power Panel in the Storage Room to power the Audio/Visual System
  • New carpet tiles and cove were installed throughout conference multi-purpose room and vinyl tiles installed in kitchen
  • Existing HVAC was heavily modified to allow integration with new drop-down ceiling system
  • Mechanical chase boxes were installed to conceal plumbing exposed below 10ft drop-down ceiling
  • Facility managers, tenants, and government were trained in new audio-visual system