CPOP Replace Fuel Tanks and Hose Reel

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

Contract Number: HSCG88-17-J-PQQ021 | HSCG88-14-A-BOA029

Contract Value: $996,148.00

Contract Award Date: 03/05/2017

Final Completion Date: 10/13/2017

Agency: USCG Civil Engineering Unit Oakland, Oakland CA

Project Goal

Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. was tasked with replacing the fuel and waste oil systems for the small craft refueling station at Station Humboldt Bay, Samoa, CA.


Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. was tasked with replacing the fuel and waste oil systems for the small craft refueling station at Station Humboldt Bay, Samoa, CA. For this endeavor, JCD remove existing refueling systems, including above ground storage tanks (AST), fuel pumping, secondary-contained piping, and fuel stations, for diesel and gasoline services, and waste oil storage and properly disposed of offsite. With demolition complete, new ASTs for diesel, gasoline, and waste oil were brought in and installed with all associated lines/tank accessories routed from tanks to dockside fueling stations. Thief pumps were added for fuel tank de-watering. At the docking areas, new fueling stations were constructed in enclosed, lidded secondary-contained marine boxes with motor-retraction hose reels, fuel nozzles, meter, and pump control switch on pipe stanchion. All reconnections were made with new conduit and wire to pump control systems, new pumps, pump start switches, and replaced emergency pump ‘off’ switch. The new tank systems were outfitted with a new leak monitoring and tank inventory monitoring system for tanks, fuel line, and fueling stations secondary containment, including reconnection to secondary diesel line (new detector) serving the generator. With all equipment installed, lines tested and verified, and system started up, touchups included adding protective layer to exposed piping, installing new metal stairs that were fabricated off site, adding permanent signage and instruction plates for the operation and maintenance of the system, patching asphalt, making concrete forms around risers and buried boxes, installing bollards, and landscaping where necessary. All programming was performed when construction was complete with training to follow.

Work Performed

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control management
  • Safety management
  • Trenching and dust control
  • Design for new fueling station layout
  • Installation of new fuel tanks/dispensing systems
  • All electrical work
  • Provision of temporary diesel tank & fuel to be utilized by USCG Station Humboldt Bay during construction performance
  • Demolition/removal/recycle of existing tanks, piping, equipment, steps, railings,
  • Removal and disposal of diesel, gasoline, oil, sludge build up in existing tanks and containment piping
  • HAZMAT sampling/testing of soils surrounding tanks
  • Saw-cutting and removal of asphalt and concrete
  • Hot-patch roadway following installation of buried fuel pipe
  • Installation of concrete forms
  • Installation of supports for piping and conduit with SS hardware
  • Fabrication of new handrails, and stair platform for tanks
  • Prep and paint/galvanize various locations
  • Install gravel borders
  • Install horns, bells, controllers, wiring/conduit/electrical, enclosures, leak detectors, sensor modules, alarms, battery backups, and fire extinguishers
  • Install bollards
  • Install signage
  • Install fuel piping, fittings, and attachments required for a complete fuel supply, return, and venting system
  • Install seismic bracing
  • Install sleeves, penetrations, escutcheons, anchor bolts, and fire caulking
  • Equipment start up, testing, and training
  • Landscaping and seeding where earth was disturbed
  • Installation of hatch door on boathouse rollup doors for fuel hose access