D/B Renovation of Labs No. 224A&B and Laser Lab No. 221 in Building 233 at Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

Contract Number: N62473-14-C-2815

Contract Value: $256,667.00

Contract Award Date: 09/26/2014

Final Completion Date: 01/27/2015


Project Goal

JCD renovated and upgraded labs in Bullard Hall at Naval Postgraduate School to make the facility safer and more practical for modern research.


This Design Build project required JCD to refurbish Lab Number 224A as well as refurbish/divide Lab Number 224B in order to create Labs Number 224B and 224C, and to refurbish the Laser Lab (Bullard Hall), Room Number 221. Given the outdated nature of the facilities, demolition, electrical, and lead/asbestos abatement were all requirements included in this renovation project. However, JCD’s bigger goal was to produce new labs that were calibrated with upgraded air circulation, chemical/gas containment options, and necessary security measures.

The challenge of this project was that the renovation took place within occupied space. Therefore, as there was a constant flow of people entering and exiting the facility, JCD had to carefully plan work activities and material deliveries around tenant schedules to ensure minimal impact on normal facility operations. JCD was also responsible for designing a specific standalone laser interlocking system that was also compatible with the building’s security systems.

Trades performed inhouse by JCD personnel

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control management
  • Safety management
  • Design-Build Improved Allocation of Lab Space
  • Temporary furniture relocation
  • Demolition, Electrical, Asbestos Abatement
  • Steel framing and drywall install
  • Doors and Windows install
  • Prep and paint
  • Outfitted labs with all necessary electrical, plumbing and mechanical
  • Installed suspended ceiling system around numerous mechanical piping
  • Installed VCT and base
  • Installed all communications in Rooms 224 B&C in buildings 23
  • Reconfigured HVAC/Mechanical in building for purpose of improving air circulation, chemical and gas leak containment
  • Applied security upgrades to system controls/doors in new labs
  • Installed new cabinetry/countertops

Customer Comment

Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. was very professional and proactive throughout the project! Personnel routinely went above and beyond the safety plan when performing work. The job site was kept clean on a daily basis! I would have to say Jacob Construction’s strongest strength is their cooperation and responsiveness that they give to their customers. Their personnel are very proactive in identifying potential problems early on and provide proposed economical solutions to avoid costly changes and delays.

~Michael Waibel _ FEAD Project Manager/NPS Monterey