Design-Bid-Build Gas Distribution Systems in Building 245 at Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.
Contract Number: N62473‐15‐C‐4614
Contract Value: $625,193.00

Contract Award Date: 09/30/2015
Contract Final Completion Date: 10/05/2016

Agency: NFEC Southwest, FEAD NSAM (Naval Post Graduate School)

Project Goal

Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. brought existing gas bunker and gas room up to code and upgraded all safety systems for gas leak detection in Watkins Hall Building.


JCD performed construction to bring the existing gas bunker and gas room, Room 128A, Bldg. No. 245, up to code to meet the latest code and gas life safety system requirements at Naval Support Activity Monterey, CA. This project required JCD to provide all work for construction of the new gas distribution system from the existing gas bunker and gas room, Room No. 128A, Bldg. No. 245, to the Marine Propulsion Laboratory, Room No. 128, in order to serve the new Emission Gas Analyzer and also the 1% Silane gas distribution infrastructure from the flammable gas cabinet in the gas room, Room No. 128A on the first floor to the ultra-cleanroom (Nano-MEMS lab 214) on the 2nd floor to support the addition of silicon-based PECVD processes on the Oxford Instruments Plasma Lab System 100 in accordance with the given scope of work. This was a mid-complex design-bid-build project that required effective coordination of multi-disciplined subcontractors, including, HVAC, mechanical, membrane roofing, fire suppression, crane operations, pneumatic air system installation, electrical, gas detection sensor installations, fencing, and coring 20” diameter elevated holes through reinforced 10” thick concrete walls.

JCD was responsible for all demolition work of existing structures and 6 to 10-inch-thick concrete pad that was poured on top of subsurface foundation. Following demolition, new reinforced pad was formed and poured to house exterior gas cylinder stations. An exterior fence and roof structure was installed to protect the exterior manifolds from the elements. On the roof, certified permanent fall arrest stanchions were installed in-house and all electrical routed from automated switch controller to new mechanical equipment. On the interior/exterior, JCD proceeded to perform all electrical upgrades in multiple rooms as well as painting walls, doors and reconditioning multiple rusted cylinder racks. All work was performed in a fully occupied academic facility and research center. Therefore, regular weekly coordination with government and end users (Senior Faculty/Building Managers) was necessary throughout the life of the project. It was also JCD’s responsibility to train 3 rotations of the city’s fire department in the new gas detection system’s alarm system controls. All systems are currently online throughout ultra-clean room and marine propulsion lab.

Trades performed inhouse via JCD personnel

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control management
  • Safety management
  • Performed multiple coring/wall penetrations
  • Provide training of system operation
  • Designed and fabricated new shade structures for exterior manifolds and pipe relay
  • Demoed existing concrete to form/pour new reinforced pad for exterior gas cylinder enclosure
  • Provided and installed permanent fall protection anchoring stanchion on roof

Trades performed via subcontractor personnel

  • Installation of Unistrut support system for gas piping relay
  • Reconnected of inert gas piping from gas pad to gas room
  • Made relay for N2 gas cylinders to the new gas cabinets
  • Provided gas lines to the Oxford Plasma PVD
  • Processed gas line to the gas analyzer
  • Conducted multiple helium leak and analytical testing
  • Rigged gas analyzer and multiple explosion-proof gas cabinets.
  • Installed mechanical/exhaust – GEF-1
  • Provided configuration of exhaust system from Marine propulsion room & gas cabinet room to exterior. All ducting was routed to roof fan unit.
  • Provided and installed a detection and alarming system for flammable or toxic gases
  • Provided and installed toxic and flammable gas sensors and one gas controller
  • Provided and installed evacuation horn/strobe alarms and manual emergency gas off pull stations
  • Provided and installed exhaust pressure monitoring devices and a monitoring point for building fire alarm
  • Provided and installed seismic switch to shut off all gas supplies in event of an earthquake
  • Provided and installed a battery backed power supply system to continue monitoring during a power outage of up to 24 hours
  • Installed new fire suppression to all individual gas cabinets
  • Performed seismic requirements for all roof units, interior fire suppression, and gas cabinets
  • Specially fabricated and installed interior valve enclosure box
  • Air balanced all HVAC/ducting
  • Performed membrane roofing patchwork