Fuel Pits Valves and Electrical Repairs at NAS Fallon, NV

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

Contract Number: N62473-11-G-0055

Contract Value: $456,800.00

Contract Award Date: 06/25/2015

Forecasted Final Completion Date: Current (Postponed for FAA Compliance)

Agency: NAVFAC SOUTHWEST, Fallon FEAD, Fallon, NV

Project Goal

Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. was tasked with adding/replacing valves in piping at Fuel Farm location and upgrading 9 fuel pit control modules at NAS Fallon.


This project was a two-phase project that involved making mechanical upgrades at the fuel farm and electrical upgrades at the fuel pit locations on the airfield. In order to perform the overall project, JCD had to carefully coordinate with the facilities owner and contracting office to minimize the impact to normal operations involving the fuel farm. Valve Work: During the execution of this project, JCD began performance by assisting the Fuel Pit contractor in draining down and pumping out all the piping into tanker trucks supplied by the base. After isolating the piping and pumps, the vacant lines were filled and purged with nitrogen in locations where work was performed. (1) 10-inch and 8-inch valves were replaced by cutting out/welding in new flanges at each location to facilitate the width of the new American-made and manually-operated Block and Bleed Valves. (2) In working with the drain valves, JCD removed the existing Bronze Valves and supplied/installed Stainless Steel Threaded 2-inch valves. (3) For the Air Vent Valves, two ¾-inch Thread-O-Lets were welded to the top of the existing blind flange. Then, JCD supplied and installed two ¾-inch Stainless Steel Ball Valves for venting out the top of the pipes. All work performed on valves were properly Pressure Tested with Nitrogen and all Welds thoroughly inspected. Electrical Upgrades at the Fuel Pits (Current): Work will commence on the Fuel Pits after JCD has successfully locked out/tagged out all Fuel Pit Controls and Electrical with the assistance of Base Support Services. Then, JCD will provide nine (9) new fuel pit control modules consisting of (1) Demolition of existing fixtures, (2) Installation of class 1/division 1/group D hand-off-auto, two position switch, start push button, green pilot light, red pilot light, emergency stop push button, back box and re-installation of existing phone outlet, fire alarm pull station, junction box with terminal blocks, and LED light fixture.

Trades Involved

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control management
  • Safety management
  • Temporarily draining down and pumping out all the piping into tanker trucks while modifications were made to piping
  • Fill and purge lines with nitrogen
  • Insertion/Installation of 10” and 8” valves, drain valves, and air vent valves
  • Testing and Inspections
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering scope
  • Proper Lockout/Tagout Procedures
  • Provide 9 new fuel pit control modules outfitted with all system components to bring fuel pits online
  • Scope involving explosion-proof materials
  • Compliance with airfield/FOD procedures/requirements
  • Strict adherence to FAA requirements