Maintenance and Repair (M&R) Hangar Doors at Pacific Strike Team Novato, CA

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

Contract Number: HSCG88-17-J-PQQ002 | HSCG88-14-A-BOA029

Contract Value: $691,966.00

Contract Award Date: 10/24/2016

Final Completion Date: 06/28/2017

Agency: USCG Civil Engineering Unit Oakland, Oakland CA

Project Goal

JCD provided inspection, maintenance and repairs to four hangar doors at the Pacific Strike Team in Novato, CA.


Jacob Construction provided all labor, materials, equipment, and engineering services necessary to provide inspection, maintenance and repairs to four hangar doors at the USCG Pacific Strike Team, CA. Work performed included power washing doors while containing all roll off water and testing it for lead. A substantial portion of the scope required JCD to refurbish the wheel tracks, wheel wells and assemblies for the hangar doors as well as to provide a hangar door manufacturer inspection and report on all hangar door leaf top mounted wheel stop, bumper assemblies, and associated welded connections. When repairs were finished out, JCD moved on to service the hangar’s gutter system.

Work Involved

  • Repaired (4) motor operated bi-parting hangar door systems consisting of (10) panels each for openings reaching 27′ in height
  • Replaced bottom/top wheel assemblies, and furnished additional wheel assemblies for spare parts
  • Replaced all associated fastener hardware
  • Serviced/repaired brake subassemblies and provided services by a licensed professional structural engineer
  • Field trip for measurements to provide inspection report of bottom roller assemblies and top guide assemblies
  • Provided specified repair of eight spalled concrete areas at four hangar door reinforced concrete aprons.
  • All new steel members were sandblasted and received a coat of shop prime paint
  • Scraped loose and peeling lead paint from exterior & interior of hangar doors
  • Power washed hangar doors & collected wash water
  • Filtered water and testing for lead prior to discharge/disposal and tested for asbestos mastic in gutters
  • Removed specified gutter system and replace gutter trough between two buildings and downspouts
  • Supplied and installed stainless steel gutter trough system and counter flashing, downspout tubing from upper roof into trough and from trough to ground