Perform Minor Construction and Security Alternatives to the Storage Yard to Building 4512 at Ord Military Community, CA

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

Contract Number: W9124N-15-C-0007

Contract Value: $ 111,541.00

Contract Award Date: 09/04/2015

Final Completion Date: 02/03/2016

Agency: Department of the Army, MICC POM, Monterey, CA

Project Goal

JCD worked in conjunction with the government to implement various security upgrades to the storage facility at Ord Military Community in effort to deter theft and vandalism.


Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. performed minor construction and other security alternatives to the storage yard vicinity Building 4512 (MWR Outdoor Storage Yard) at Ord Military Community. The existing storage yard was occupied by parks recreational vehicles for military personnel assigned to the Presidio of Monterey and some from the Naval Post Graduate School. Given the temporary nature of the existing security barriers that were in place and the fact they did not provide the necessary security features and measures to adequately protect the valuable properties being stored, JCD was tasked with installing fencing and electronically operated gate systems that would provide for a more secure area to park recreational vehicles and government owned buses and vans. JCD’s success with this project proved to open doors for other future projects in this facility. The following year, Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. was awarded the task of installing a surveillance and monitoring system across this facility with effort of reducing theft within the compound. Although the surveillance project has been performed, the government is still working closely with JCD to continue strengthening securing at this storage yard.

Trades Involved

  • Supervision
  • Quality Control management
  • Safety management
  • Constructed 6ft tall permanent fencing system around perimeter of yard outfitted with gates.
  • Performed demolition of 3 existing vehicle gates
  • Sawcut existing asphalt to accommodate track housing for rollers of automated gates
  • Provided and installed hot-dipped galvanized/powder-coated gate systems at multiple locations around perimeter
  • Concrete work for patching and key control pad
  • Routed electrical from source to gate locations
  • Installed programmable digital keypad mounted on gooseneck pedestals
  • Installed bollards to protect control pedestals and electrical