Repair Heating & Ventilation for Buildings 1 & 2 at Sector Humboldt Bay in McKinleyville, CA

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

Contract Number: HSCG88-16-J-PQQ079 | HSCG88-14-A-BOA029

Contract Value: $1,066,919.52

Contract Award Date: 07/27/2016

Final Completion Date: 11/08/2017

Agency: USCG Civil Engineering Unit Oakland, Oakland CA

Project Goal

Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. replaced/repaired heating and ventilation systems at Buildings 1 and 2, Sector Humboldt Bay, McKinleyville, CA.


This project required JCD to perform necessary repairs to the heating and ventilation system Buildings 1 & 2 at USCG Sector Humboldt Bay in McKinleyville, CA. Work began with a heavy amount of demolition as JCD was required to remove configuration of existing hydronics including hot water piping, fin-coil radiators, heating boilers, and circulating pumps. Demolition also involved removal of existing air handling units and exhaust fans. This removed hydronic system was then replaced with a new gas heating unit. Given the project involved mechanical upgrades to the galley within these buildings, a makeup air unit was installed, and the kitchen exhaust was converted from a constant air volume to a variable air volume system. The VAV configuration also required JCD to modify all existing ductwork to incorporate VAV terminal units and digital diffusers for zone temperature and setback controls. Exhaust fans, gas heating condensing furnaces, and gas piping were installed where required. Following install of new systems/equipment, all modified airflow was rebalanced. VFD’s were provided for all mechanical units, associated hardware, controls, raceway and cables. Given the addition of new equipment on the roof, structural design and calculations were engineered for seismic anchoring and support for new mechanical equipment and associated components.

Trades performed

  • Supervision/Quality Control management/Safety management
  • Abatement/remediation
  • Provision of Seismic and Structural Engineering
  • Demolition: Hydronics piping/equipment, air handling unit, exhaust fans, electrical connections/conduit and wiring
  • Installation of gas heating condensing furnaces
  • Modification of existing mechanical
  • Installation of gas piping, air handling units, exhaust fans, controls
  • Wall/roof penetrations and hole patching
  • Provision of new electrical relay, panelboards, controls
  • Retrofit of engineered ceiling support for seismic and structural support
  • Performance of air flow balancing
  • Preparation and painting of surfaces
  • Installation of suspended ceiling
  • Performance of drywall patching/repair
  • Installation of monitor modules to detect smoke in HVAC ducting
  • Roof patching/flashing