Repair of Miles Rock Lighthouse in US Coast Guard Ant San Francisco, CA


Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. was responsible for performing repairs on Mile Rocks Lighthouse, located one nautical mile west of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. This project required JCD to demolish and remove existing steel ladders and abate accumulated bird droppings/debris using various tools. All ladders and stanchions were replaced and as well as the concrete hatch covers. As boat access was too dangerous, all transportation of personnel and material were made by use of multiple chartered helicopters with rigging capabilities.

Prime Contractor: Jacob Construction & Design, Inc.

Contract Number: HSCG88‐16‐J‐PQQ063 (BOA No. HSCG88-14-A-BOA029)

Contract Value: $298,055.00

Contract Award Date: 01/06/2016

Contract Final Completion Date: 03/18/2016

Agency: USCG CEU Oakland, CA

Project Goal

Jacob Construction & Design, Inc. performed numerous repairs to the corroded steal ladders/hatch doors and abated accumulated guano at Miles Rock Lighthouse.

Trades Involved

  • Chartered two helicopters (Rigging helicopter – Sikorsky S-58T with certified riggers)
  • Special fabrication of hatches/Jacob ladders
  • Bird guano/lead abatement
  • Fall protection program

Plans submitted

  • Lead Work Plan
  • Accident Prevention Plan
  • Quality Control Plan
  • Hazardous Waste Handling Plan
  • Steel Work Plan
  • Site Control Plan (Helicopter Specific)
  • Demolition Plan
  • Site Specific Fall Protection Plan
  • Rigging Plan
  • General Waste Plan
  • Environmental Protection Plan